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Brain Food: Ch 13: Daily Brain Calisthenics Channel 13: Trivial Pursuit [full game] Ch 13: PatSajakTrivia
Ch 13: Moonlight 13: BubbleSpinner 13: BubbleShooter 13: Bubblez 13: Bobble 13: Bloons 13: PokeballBlitz
Ch 13: Bejeweled II 13: Puzzle-Quest Galactrix 13: Multris II 13: Stackopolis 13: Planarity 13: Fill It 13: Sudoku
Ch 13: Flow Ch 13: Portal Ch 13: TheDarkComplex Ch 13: Motas Ch 13: Samorost Ch 13: Hapland Ch 13: 3DLogic

Role Playing Games: Ch 1: FreeRealms 2: RuneScape 3: ClubPenguin 4: MapleStory 5: zOMG! 6: FusionFall
Space Games: Ch 7: StarTrek: BrokenMirror 8: EvaProject 9: Sword of Orion 10: DoomRunner 11: Radiux
First Person Shooters: Ch 12: Quake Live 14: Doom 15: Strike 16: StealthHunter 17: AnimalHunter
Evil: 18: Exmortis 19: Land of the Dead 20: De-Animator 21: The ZombieWars 22: TweetyZombie

Classic Arcade & Console: Ch 13: Ms. Pac-Man [arcade version] 13: Pac-Man 13: Anti-Pac-Man
Ch 23: Space Invaders Ch 24: Asteroids Ch 25: Frogger Ch 26: Q'Bert Ch 27: Breakout360 Ch 28: BombJack
Ch 29: Adventure Ch 30: Defender Ch 31: Joust Ch 32: Spy Hunter Ch 33: Sinistar Ch 34: Robotron 2084

Ch 35: Contra 20th Anniversary Ch 36: Megaman vs Metroid Ch 37: New Adventures of Zelda (SNES RPG)
Ch 38: Final Fantasy SonicX Ep5 Ch 39: Ultimate Flash Sega Sonic Ch 40: Ultimate Flash Sonic [fullscreen]
Ch 41: Super Mario Flash Ch 42: Mario World Overrun Ch 43: Mario Rampage Ch 44: Ice Candy

TAG's Favorite Misc Online Games

Games for the Brain: Brain Exercise Gym

Final Fantasy XI
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Special Edition)
Insaniquarium Line Rider Nimian Hunter Defend Your Castle Nudist Trampolining
Pendulumeca GrowRPG RottingOnslaught
South Park Kill Kenny Star Wars Pinball

Classic DOS & BBS Games

Play Classic DOS Games [Java DOS Emulator] (in Browser) Online
Play Legend of the Green Dragon (in Browser) Online
Play Tradewars : Rising [Tradewars 2002] (in Browser) Online
Play Black Nova Traders [Tradewars] (in Browser) Online
Play PimpWar (in Browser) Online

Computer & Video-Game Consoles (emulators) & Games (roms)
(Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, Nintendo, Sega, Nec, Sony..)

Download Emulators & Roms at The Old Computer Dot Com

Download Emulators & Roms at RomHustler

Dungeons & Dragons & RPGs

Wizard's Official D&D homepage

D&D Insider - Teh Official Online Tools Division

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Character Sheets

500+ D&D Adventure Campaigns

RPG Generators (computer-generate names, encounters, npcs, treasure)

Battlegrounds' list of Online RPG Tools (virtual tabletops, maps, dice..)

List of Free RPG (in Browser) Online Games


The D&D Animated Series (free online books, adventures & images)

Critical Miss: The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers